PayPal plečiasi

Prieš akimirką gavau tokį laiškelį:

Dear Tadas Tamosaitis,

We are pleased to announce the following changes to your
PayPal account:

In a few months from now, PayPal users in Italy and users in the
Card Withdrawal Regions (listed below) will be able to withdraw
funds from their PayPal accounts through credit, debit and/or
pre-paid cards that show the Visa or MasterCard logo.

If, until now, you have only been able to send funds with your
PayPal account, these changes mean that soon you will also be able
to receive and withdraw funds through PayPal using credit, debit
and/or pre-paid cards with the Visa or MasterCard logos. The User
Agreement will be amended for users in the Card Withdrawal Regions
and it will also contain provisions for those who may already have
these features.

The Card Withdrawal Regions include: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia,
Gibraltar, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta,
Romania, San Marino, Slovakia and Slovenia.


Nerealu tiesa? Atrodo PayPal nusprendė stiprinti savo pozicijas atsiskaitymuose interneto erdvėje senajame žemyne ir ne tik… Įdomu kokiomis sąlygomis bus įgyvendinti šie išėmimai ir ar pervedus pinigus į asm. sąskaitą jie bus automatiškai konvertuojami į litus ar taip ir keliaus EUR ar USD pavidalu. Keliausim į ebay ką nors pardavinėti :D

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